Romertopf Turkey Glazed Clay Baker X-large Terra Cotta Roaster 99117

Product Description

German made Glazed Römertopf, has a glazed bottom and unglazed lid. The steaming method used by Römertopf surprises you time and time again by its unequalled tasty and healthy dishes and by being extremely easy to use. Used to cook a wide variety of meats, vegetables, desserts and breads.


  • Holds 7.3 Quarts (Serves 6-8 ppl)
  • Cooks in its own juices; additional fats, oils or liquids are hardly necessary
  • Vitamins and minerals are retained
  • nothing can burn, oven stays clean
  • natural flavors are intensified
  • Holds 7.3 Quarts (Serves 6-8 people)
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