how to re pot an orchid



The easiest way to repot an orchid is to simply take it out of its pot, trim away any dead roots, and replace the current soil with fresh. While this can be done, some people prefer to do it all at once by removing the entire plant from its current pot and placing it in a new one. When repotting your orchid make sure that you have good drainage as this will help prevent root rot.

remove the orchid from the pot

Remove the orchid from its current pot. The goal is to remove as much of the original compost as possible and replace it with fresh compost.

Use a sharp knife to cut away any roots that are holding the orchid in place. Be careful not to damage the roots while doing this, but don't worry if some parts fall off: they will grow back once you have planted your new pot.

If you would like, you can also remove some of the topsoil from around where the plant was growing before transplanting it into its new home.

trim away any dead roots

You can trim away dead roots with a sharp knife, but leave healthy ones. If your orchid is root bound, you can cut it in half and re-pot each section separately. Or if it's small enough to fit in a larger pot, use that option instead.

add fresh soil to a new pot

  • Add fresh soil to the new pot. You will want to use a mix that is high in organic matter, as this will prevent your orchid from drying out too quickly. Do not use peat moss as it holds too much water and could cause root rot.

  • The size of the existing pot should be similar to that of your new pot; if this isn’t possible, you can go up (but not down) one size in both width and depth (if the diameter is larger than 5 inches) or change both dimensions by 2 inches each way.

  • The depth of any re-potted plant should never be less than twice its original height - this gives it room for healthy growth without exposing roots unnecessarily to air currents and temperature fluctuations which can dry them out over time leading towards fungal diseases like mychorrizae ("root rot").

place the orchid in the pot

  • Place the orchid in the pot.

  • Make sure to place it in a location that receives indirect sunlight and has proper drainage.

  • Water your orchid regularly, but do not over-water.

it is easy to repot an orchid if needed

It is easy to repot an orchid if needed. Once you see new growth, it is time to re-pot your orchid. You can do this in the fall, winter and spring as long as you keep the plant outside of its dormant period (winter). When repotting your orchid, make sure not to remove any roots that appear healthy or green; they will help sustain the plant through its next growing season.


repotting orchids can be easy and fun, but you need to know how to do it properly. You don’t want to damage your plant by doing things wrong, so make sure you do research before starting any project!


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