Fidelity Routing Number Searches – How to Determine Your Fidelity Routing Number?

Routing Number

With fidelity routing number you can track your transactions and make sure that all of them are recorded correctly. This is especially useful when you are making a withdrawal from your bank account. You will have the ability to know exactly how much money has been withdrawn from your account without having to try to count money with each bank you approach. Read this article to know more about routing numbers and how to determine your fidelity routing number.

All About Routing Numbers

Routing numbers are very useful because they help keep track of your transactions. It is important that you don’t spend too much time trying to figure out which banking institution you need to withdraw money from to get your money. A fidelity routing number will help you identify this in a matter of seconds.

A fidelity routing number is just used for your bank to banking transfers, so you will not find out about it with your credit or debit card. However, you will be able to mark this record down for quick access so you can get your routing number when you really need it. If you have a hard copy of your statements or receipts, then you can simply use them to find the routing number. You don’t need the paper because the routing number will be written directly on the document that is produced by the bank.

It is a good idea to check with your fraud department to see if there are any problems with routing numbers. It is a good idea for you to check with your bank and see if they have the capability to track down a fraudulent account holder. They are trained to be able to do this and they often have access to their files on file holders who have had problems with their routing numbers.

If you are currently carrying out a transaction that is being recorded as a bank debit then you will need to know whether the amount that is being credited to your credit card is the routing number that you have been given. Most banks will also give you the fax number. If you are already using this number then you will not have to worry about the forwarding numbers. You might also want to see an all data comes from routing numbers list first.

Determining Your Fidelity Routing Number

You can identify your Fidelity account number, first, through your checks, where you will see a 13-digit number at the center bottom. However, if you do not have a check-writing feature on your account, then find out your 17-digit account number format or you can click on find routing number. Here’s a guide:

For brokerage accounts that start with X, Y, or Z:

  • X to 5
  • Y to 6
  • Z to 7

For the brokerage account number X01999999, the 17-digit account number format would be 39900000X01999999 or 39900000501999999 if the system cannot use letters.

Other brokerage accounts and 529 college savings accounts:

For this one, you need the Fidelity prefix 39900001. Then add your 9-character Fidelity brokerage or 529 plan account number.

Fidelity Routing Number for Fidelity accounts starting with “2” followed by two letters:

  • Use the Fidelity prefix 392 first.
  • Add the 5-digit Fidelity fund number of the mutual fund to which you want to deposit. If the fund number is less than five digits, then add zeros before the numbers.
  • Next, add your 9-digit mutual fund account numb-ppp=’][vfgrer.

If you have 2AA123456 as account number, and your fund number is 0055, then the 17-digit account number should be 392000552AA123456. However, if the system cannot accept letters in the direct deposit account number, then the account has an alternate number call a T account number. You can find this in the check-writing and deposit slips.

What More?

Routing numbers can often be accessed online. You will find that there are some companies that offer you the option to use an online site to lookup routing numbers. These sites are easy to find because there are many of them available on the Internet. They also have an email service for those who want to be able to contact them via email.

Fidelity routing records are also available for free. This means you won’t have to pay a penny to get one of these records. They are available on a number of different sites and you should look at your financial institution to see if they are going to offer one.

There are some banks that will charge a small fee to get fidelity routing records. However, since the information is going to be for free it is not a lot of money to pay for it. This will also help protect your privacy when it comes to your transactions.

Having Routing Number Problems

If you are having problems with your routing number, you may be wondering how you go about getting one of these documents. The process isn’t difficult and it isn’t complicated either. There are many sites that will provide you with a fidelity routing number or a routing number that you can use to find your name or address.This is important because you may be living in a different state than you were when you were given this number. This is because they are different and your current state may have no record for them and it will be very difficult for you to get the information that you need.


You will also find that there is a fee for having the records. However, you may want to consider this fee because it will help to protect your privacy in this case.

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